Izzet Guran

Managing Director


[email protected]



I am Izzet Guran, and I lead technology services for both our clients and colleagues globally. Our mission is to provide the service, expertise, and technology solutions to enable the brightest minds in the industry to collaborate, innovate and transform the legal landscape.


I am an award-winning technology and digital transformation leader, with a proven track record across multiple industries and top-tier management consulting. I enjoy introducing new methods, technologies, and ways of thinking to improve organizations, as well as building amazing, diverse teams that deliver value at an unprecedented pace.

Why Morae?

I am excited by the huge opportunity ahead, to transform the Legal industry through technology and create a competitive advantage for our clients. I’m also passionate about the Morae culture of integrity, trust, accountability, collaboration, and investing in our clients and colleagues.

I believe that with technology we can build a lasting, positive impact on the legal landscape, redefine legal and compliance functions, and create new opportunities.