Lynn Read

Managing Director


[email protected]



I am Lynn Read. I am responsible for Morae’s client relationship and success within the Digital Transformation business globally, leading the Support, Training and Service Delivery teams ensuring the services delivered are to the highest possible level.


Having been on the other side of the fence providing in-house legal support, as well as managed services, I know first hand the critical role that support plays within a law firm and just how important restoring services quickly and efficiently can be to the business. Over the last 10 years I have built up the support services within Morae, working through continual improvements, and developing the services to reflect and empathise with the client needs.

Why Morae?

I am at Morae because we share the same goal and dedication to digital transformation through people and technology. Having the opportunity to solve our clients’ problems provides me with immense satisfaction as does working with a fantastic team of dedicated industry experts.

My role within Morae’s Digital Transformation team is to ensure client satisfaction and success, with a focus on primarily managing the DMS Global Support team, service delivery, and customer success.