Murtuza Vohra

Managing Director


[email protected]


I am Murtuza Vohra. I work with legal departments to develop innovative business solutions, including selecting and implementing technology, that will drive greater operational efficiency and cost savings.

I have twenty-three years of experience in the field, marked by a strong background in technology, project management and software engineering. I regularly collaborate with my clients on technology blueprints, including for some of the world’s largest legal departments, working directly with the offices of the General Counsel, CIO and COO.


My expertise includes architecting creative business solutions for legal and claims departments, covering matter management, electronic billing, intellectual property management, contract management and legal hold requirements.


Over my career, I have led several major process and operational improvement initiatives that focused on assessing current technology stacks, preparing detailed technology roadmaps and blueprints, assisting with systems selection, full lifecycle systems implementation, and creating frameworks for on-going support. I have also led a multitude of company specific operational initiatives, which included establishing global delivery teams, implementation methodologies, systems integration plans, vendor delivery models, new partnerships, process improvements, playbook design, and resourcing strategies.

Why Morae?

Morae has an integrated culture of innovation, is very entrepreneurial, and has an inherently strong focus on customer experiences and towards building trusted relationships.

Morae provides me with an opportunity to work with people that have a strong background in building technology enabled solutions for law departments and law firms. In the quickly changing technology landscape especially with generative AI, that capability helps us to quickly calibrate our service and technology offerings to best meet our clients’ needs.