Narayan Karanth

Managing Director


[email protected]


I am Narayan Karanth. I oversee the product line of Global Immigration and Mobility Solutions including planning & execution; supervising tech solutions & automation of the immigration process; and implementing data security & confidentiality policy at our Indian centre of excellence.

Over the past three decades, I have held diverse positions as a Judicial officer, Lawyer and Business Leader. During this time, I have gained expertise in the US Personal Injury, Business Torts, Labour & Employment and Immigration domains. I have been working with the LPO industry since 2004 helping our clients improve their business results and drive profits. I play a key role in developing strategies and implementing technology and process-enabled solutions for law firms and corporations.

Why Morae?

Morae’s success is driven by its strategy to combine expertise with technology. Our ability to provide excellent immigration support services swiftly and efficiently is at par with global standards. With experience in the legal and immigration support services domain since 2004, I have been lucky enough to sit at the forefront of the ever-changing legal landscape and enjoy taking thought leadership and advisory roles with our clients.

I enjoy collaborating with AMLaw 100 law firms and providing them with simplified solutions for end-to-end visa petition drafting.