Puja Roy

Senior Director


[email protected]


I am Puja Roy, serving as a Senior Director and responsible for overseeing the India Operations at Morae.

I work in close alignment with the leadership team to strategize and develop long-term plans that usher in improved levels of productivity and success for the organization.  In my role, I actively seek opportunities to facilitate client delivery by ensuring process enhancements, driving innovative solutions to gain efficiencies, and augmenting employee engagement activities for our teams in India.  I have a bachelor’s degree in Commerce and Law from the University of Delhi, with a specialization in Corporate Law.  I am a Certified Privacy Professional (CIPP/E) (IAPP) and a Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS) (ACAMS).


I have over 15 years of hands-on experience in the fields of e-discovery, KYC, business information reporting, compliance and surveillance reviews, contract abstraction, sustainability compliance.  I specialize in client relationship management and business development, including facilitating quarterly and annual business reviews with key stakeholders, focusing on reporting key metrics, profitability, efficiencies gained, best practices, opportunities, and challenges.  I have diverse subject matter exposure, including AML, SEC and internal forensic investigations, breach of contract, mergers and acquisition, insider trading, insurance claims, IBOR, LIBOR, and ISDA documentation, among many other areas.  I plan and scope projects, monitor SLA adherence, manage risks, establish governance and reporting mechanisms, lead client and facility audits, and use my skills to both accurately forecast costs and efforts and lead projects that successfully meet client objectives.  I cherish my talent management responsibilities, especially training and mentoring our team.

Why Morae?

I am at Morae because it offers me with a unique opportunity to collaborate with diverse set of talented professionals from the legal industry.  As a team, we continue to challenge status quo and are always seeking for possibilities to innovate in our journey of “Changing Legal Together.” The OneMorae culture is truly about embracing every individual for who they are and what they can bring to work- this truly motivates me personally to bring my best and real authentic self to work for my teams and our clients each day!

I focus on driving operational efficiencies and process enhancements to ensure seamless implementation of our strategic initiative.  Through enhanced reporting function, I support harmonizing operations- ensuring that the priorities and objectives across various business units are aligned to the broader goals and vision of the business.