Rico Burnett

Managing Director


[email protected]


I am Rico Burnett, Manager Director and Head of Innovation at Morae.  I spearhead innovation and R&D with a focus on creating practical, effective technology solutions for our clients.


My journey started as a practicing Technology and Intellectual Property lawyer with two leading international law firms. I bring that experience to my current role, where I partner with clients to help them leverage the right technology at the right time.

I am focused on helping clients understand the technology landscape and harness the right tools to achieve their business objectives and drive financial outcomes.


I am fortunate to lead a talented team of data scientists, mathematicians, software developers and automation experts that share a common set of goals – how can we help our clients grow their business, reduce risk and benefit from the rising technological tide.

Why Morae?

I joined Morae from Exigent Group because I could see how my innovative problem solving capabilities can combine with Morae’s unparalleled reputation for client service and digital transformation to bring a wide range of practical, effective technology solutions to the market.

As part of a truly international, dynamic and diverse organization, I can contribute to the creation of secure, scalable solutions that drive real outcomes for our clients and business partners.