Shahzad Bashir

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer


[email protected]


I am Shahzad Bashir. I am responsible for our vision, strategy and growth. I am leading our team to build a company that helps our clients by changing legal together.

I am a law department and law firm strategist, supported by three decades of hands on experience in legal and financial consulting , including developing legal/business strategies, law department structuring, benchmarking, performance & value measurement, lawyer utilization, streamlining processes, and implementing technology. This hands on experience, along with building three legal businesses, is instrumental in helping take care of our people and our clients – our two biggest assets.

Why did I need to start Morae?

Honestly and simply, it is all about the business of law. We are the only solution provider focused on meaningful business performance, and focused on the vision of serving clients in an integrated manner That includes law firms and law departments, technology and people, strategy and execution – for global clients with a global workforce.

Change is inevitable; my vision is for Morae to become a beacon of change in this digital age. The future has now become the present; hence my passion and excitement towards changing the legal industry… together.