Sharon Sritong

Chief Financial Officer


[email protected]


I am Sharon Sritong. I am responsible for financial strategies to support our business and stakeholders, including our clients and employees.

I have been in finance leadership roles over the last 25 years in professional services, financial services, SaaS and BPO industries. My roles have primarily been to lead and support growth and transformation strategies, including acquisitions through integration. I have extensive global experience, having operated teams throughout Asia-Pacific, EMEA and North America.

Why Morae?

I have had responsibility for legal and compliance departments in prior roles and understand the need for efficiency in both internal and external legal departments. Morae embodies a focused commitment to being engaged partners to solve client needs. In turn, it is a company that is innovative, providing creative solutions with a talented workforce. This aligns with my desire to be part of an organization that solves issues while building and supporting great teams.

My career passion has been transformation. I am excited about advancements that enable organizations to meet the demands of a changing world, and to be part of Morae to partner with our clients on that very mission throughout the legal world.