Zach Kailer

Managing Director


[email protected]


I am Zachary Kailer.  I am responsible for overseeing accounting operations and supporting our business leaders and stakeholders with strategies surrounding the company’s long term financial health and growth.

I have been in finance leadership roles for the last 10 years in professional services and SAAS industries.  I have worked exclusively for companies focused on growth strategies primarily thru acquisitions.  I have experience leading several different integrations related to acquisitions both in the US and internationally as well as multiple ERP and accounting system migrations.

Why Morae?

I am here at Morae because it was the right fit for me in terms of strategy and industry.  Prior to Morae I had spent the last 3 years in the legal consulting industry and really enjoyed it and I have always appreciated working at companies that are in the growth phase because you are always experiencing new and exciting challenges.

“As a finance team we are focused on helping Morae grow with the help of data.  If we want the organization to work towards a common goal, we have to show everyone how the work they do translates into results”