Key capabilities of the platform include:

  • Real-Time Tracking to help lawyers stay abreast of case progress and objectives.
  • Self-Service Portals to provide a firm’s clients with anytime access to case information and updates.
  • Collaboration Features to enable lawyers and their clients to work together more fluidly on assigned tasks and shared documents.
  • Client Portfolio Insights to provide actionable information on matter management, client management and operations, including areas where the firm can boost its service performance.
  • Built-in Client Service Level Requirements for a more programmatic approach to case management, founded upon mutually agreed deadlines and timeframes.
  • Proactive Data Quality Management to ensure greater process consistency through a rules-based approach to information management.
  • Low-Code Design to enable rapid responses to changing client, regulatory or case requirements.
  • Ease of Administration for improved anytime, anywhere user access management via ShareDo’s secure, cloud-based platform.
  • Integration with iManage Work and Office 365 to ensure proper information governance and compliance in alignment with client and firm policies and regulatory obligations.

Morae’s expert legal and technology consultants work closely with law firms to ensure a smooth transition to the ShareDo CMS platform, including strong customer support from Morae coupled with dedicated software development from ShareDo.

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About ShareDo


ShareDo, from UK-based Sliced Bread, is a legal case management platform that enables lawyers to achieve ‘superhuman’ results. It creates ‘more time’ by making light work of countless daily tasks, leaving lawyers laser-focused on delivering the best outcomes for their clients. Built using the best technology stack to solve today’s business problems, ShareDo improves law firm productivity and efficiency to help drive successful client outcomes. Today, ShareDo is the fastest growing CMS in the UK, with its biggest year of growth in 2022 on track to be surpassed this year. Learn more at


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Morae Global Corporation is trusted around the world for the delivery of digital and business solutions for a constantly changing legal industry. Founded in 2015, Morae has earned wide respect for the expertise and experience of our legal consulting, technology, and operations professionals, many of whom have in-house legal, law firm, or other relevant industry experience. We strive to make a difference every day for our law firm and legal department clients by collaborating closely with them to develop strategy, implement meaningful change, and achieve the business objectives they care about most. This includes offering clients the right people and technology they need to efficiently meet their contracts, discovery, information, and resourcing goals. To learn more, visit us at