“Many organizations still rely upon at least some level of manual reporting to pull the insights they need from what is often a menagerie of discovery platforms and processes. With Morae Clarity, we’ve streamlined all of this to provide valuable transparency and insights from across the discovery process,” said Laura Jungels, Managing Director at Morae.

“We created Morae Clarity with input from our clients to address a gap in the legal industry. Most discovery offerings on the market today lack a formal reporting mechanism for up to the minute, accurate metrics available 24/7 from a web-based dashboard,” said Brian Flack, Senior Managing Director at Morae. “While there are some other market offerings with a form of dashboard reporting, Morae has gone beyond the status quo with a comprehensive solution that can serve as a benchmark in terms of how and what we can provide to our clients.”

Flack added, “Morae Clarity is a powerful tool not only for our clients to use, but it is one that our own team uses regularly to help us in delivering the best possible insights and value for the review, analysis, and synthesis of our clients structured and unstructured data.”

Outside counsel and legal departments who host their data with Morae are eligible for access to Morae Clarity. To request a demo or to learn more about discovery solutions from Morae and how we are changing discovery together with our clients, visit us at www.moraeglobal.com/solutions/discovery-services.

How Morae is Changing Discovery Together with Our Clients

Today’s press announcement is an example of how Morae is working with its clients to change discovery together. When it comes to discovery and investigatory matters, Morae helps legal departments and outside counsel to discern signal from noise by applying advanced technology and its investigative experience to review, analyze, and synthesize structured and unstructured data. Morae helps create additional value by taking on client legal support work to generate measurable cost savings and free their teams to focus time and talent on their more challenging, business-critical needs.

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Morae Global Corporation is trusted around the world for the delivery of digital and business solutions for a constantly changing legal industry. Founded in 2015, Morae has earned wide respect for the expertise and experience of our legal consulting, technology, and operations professionals, many of whom have in-house legal, law firm, or other relevant industry experience. We strive to make a difference every day for our law firm and legal department clients by collaborating closely with them to develop strategy, implement meaningful change, and achieve the business objectives they care about most. This includes offering clients the right people and technology they need to efficiently meet their contracts, discovery, information, and resourcing goals. Learn more about us at moraeglobal.com.

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