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Morae Embraces Changing Legal Industry with Rebrand

October 20, 2022

Morae Global Corporation, the global leader in digital and business solutions for an ever-changing legal industry, announced the unveiling of a corporate rebrand as the company embraces constant change in the legal industry and business world. Morae’s new brand brings together a new visual identity, including a bright new logo and updated website, with client experience and company culture placed at the heart of a refreshed identity and mission.

Founded in September 2015, Morae’s evolution as an innovative, technology-enabled legal solutions company — now with a clear new brand — has been marked by impressive growth and market expansion, both organically and acquisitively. Morae’s ensuing success includes an enviable and growing client roster of leading law firms and legal departments.

In looking to the future of a legal industry experiencing a quickening pace of change, Morae determined that fresh clarity was needed for the company’s brand and market proposition. The brand announced today is the result of the most extensive rebranding process in the company’s history.

“The rebrand of Morae represents a crystallization — both internally and externally — of who we are and what we do,” said Shahzad Bashir, Chairman and CEO at Morae. “Internally, our new brand reflects a modern workplace and culture that resonates strongly with our people and our values. We are cultivating an environment in which collaboration is encouraged, knowledge is shared freely, and diversity of thought, cultures, communities, and points of view are embraced. All of this comes together in the new brand and comes full circle too in the experience our clients have in working with us.”

Bashir added, “The brand also connects more personally with our clients, chiefly by building upon our strength in how we collaborate and work so well together as solution provider. We have not simply been transforming our clients. We have been changing legal together with them. And even in these turbulent times, we are thriving with our clients by creating solutions tailored just for their needs and delivering the outcomes they care about most.”

“The legal industry is constantly changing, and especially so in the last few years. At Morae, we are embracing this change,” said Mathew Crocker, Chief Strategy Officer at Morae. “Our whole team is excited at how the Morae brand is evolving — from our identity and culture to our mission statement and solutions — we are now better positioned to help our clients achieve meaningful change that moves their businesses forward.”

Crocker added, “Creating our new brand was itself a collaboration with our people and our clients. Our various teams joined a cross-section of our clients from around the world to participate in its development. We are very proud of the results announced today and my sincere thanks to all who contributed.”

The new Morae brand is illustrated in the attached two graphics and embodies four key personality traits of who we are, how we work, and how we communicate. These traits include being collaborative and open, warm and emphatic, focused and accountable, and curious and creative not just with our clients, but even amongst ourselves.

We encourage visiting our new website to learn more about Morae, our approach and solutions, and to see exciting career opportunities available across the globe for those interested in joining our team.

About Morae Global Corporation

Morae Global Corporation is trusted around the world for the delivery of digital and business solutions for a constantly changing legal industry. Founded in 2015, Morae has earned wide respect for the expertise and experience of our legal consulting, technology, and operations professionals, many of whom have in-house legal, law firm, or other relevant industry experience. We strive to make a difference every day for our law firm and legal department clients by collaborating closely with them to develop strategy, implement meaningful change, and achieve the business objectives they care about most. This includes offering clients the right people and technology they need to efficiently meet their contracts, discovery, information, and resourcing goals. Learn more about us at