Morae and Dolcera: Pioneering Legal AI Workflow Automation Together

Morae Global Corporation has forged an exciting partnership with Dolcera Corporation, a trailblazer in legal AI solutions, to bring transformative efficiency gains across legal functions. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, we aim to slash costs and supercharge workflows for legal teams worldwide.


Our collaboration represents a watershed moment for the legal industry. With Dolcera’s patented AI platforms and Morae’s digital transformation expertise, we are uniquely equipped to help legal departments embrace new innovations. This synergy will catalyze billions in cost savings and time efficiencies.

Our Vision: AI-Powered Legal Transformation

Together, Morae and Dolcera envision legal teams working faster and smarter than ever before. We are integrating Dolcera’s Legal AI Workflow Automation (LAWA) suite across key legal operations, including:

  • Intellectual property
  • Contract lifecycle management
  • Compliance and governance
  • E-discovery and document review
  • Spend management


With advanced AI capabilities like natural language processing and machine learning, we can eventually replace rule and event-based workflows with human-like action-based intelligence that not only uses the guard rails provided but takes it several steps further by providing prescriptive and predictive analysis every step of the way. It is this additional peeling of the onion that provides substantive output to the legal department stakeholders that was not possible with technologies of the past. This equates to repurposing of time spent on low impact to high impact, reducing latency across legal workflows and yielding unparalleled efficiency gains.

The Future of Legal Work

Our partnership represents the future of legal innovation. With Morae’s change management capabilities and Dolcera’s leading-edge platforms, we make legal transformation frictionless for our global clients. Backed by proven success with Fortune 500 legal teams, our solutions will herald a new era of legal productivity.


We invite legal departments to harness our AI tools and realize game-changing cost and time efficiencies. The future of legal work is here – are you ready to join the revolution?

What Does Dolcera Offer Morae’s Legal Clients?

Dolcera, recognized as a pioneer in AI-driven patent research and analytics, brings its innovative platform for Legal AI Workflow Automation (LAWA) to Morae’s clients. This partnership is designed to streamline complex legal workflows, integrating advanced AI technologies with the nuanced needs of legal professionals.

The key offerings include:

  • AI-assisted legal research and analytics, honed by Dolcera’s experience with Fortune 500 clients.
  • The IP Author platform, an early market leader in AI-powered patent drafting.
  • A comprehensive suite of tools for Legal AI Workflow Automation, enhancing efficiency across various legal processes.

Our Collaborative Vision

Together, Morae and Dolcera aim to redefine how legal departments and law firms interact with technology. By harnessing LAWA’s capabilities, we’re empowering legal professionals to navigate the challenges of modern legal work more efficiently and effectively.

How We Add Value

Morae’s track record in delivering end-to-end digital solutions complements Dolcera’s innovative AI technologies. Our partnership promises not just the integration of advanced tools into legal workflows but also a transformation in how legal tasks are approached and executed. This synergy is built on our deep understanding of both the legal industry’s demands and the potential of AI to meet these challenges head-on. We’re committed to providing unparalleled support to our clients, ensuring they remain at the cutting edge of legal innovation.

Dolcera products we support

IP Author


Launched in June 2023, IP Author is a pioneering AI-driven patent drafting tool, supporting patent attorneys in crafting comprehensive patent applications. This ChatGPT-based platform streamlines the creation of all patent sections, from claims to detailed descriptions and diagrams. Trusted by Fortune 500 companies and top law firms, IP Author has facilitated over 900 patent projects, revolutionizing patent drafting with its blend of technological innovation and legal expertise. Designed to enhance efficiency and accuracy, it’s an indispensable asset for modern intellectual property management.



Dolcera LAWA


Legal AI Workflow Automation (LAWA), developed by Dolcera, represents a cutting-edge fusion of AI-driven patent research and analytics expertise, crafted to meet the evolving demands of the legal industry. As a trailblazer in intelligent legal solutions, LAWA is designed to streamline and automate complex legal workflows, empowering legal professionals with tools for more efficient research, analysis, and documentation. By integrating advanced AI technologies, LAWA offers a revolutionary approach to handling legal processes, enhancing accuracy and efficiency for Fortune 500 clients and beyond, making it a crucial asset for any legal department striving for excellence in the digital age.

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