Intelligent Voice

Intelligent Audio / Video Discovery & Compliance

Misconduct is not limited to text based communication. Voice channels have always been a source of compliance and risk exposure. However, most organizations report being ill-equipped to address the challenges presented by the unstructured voice data.

Used by regulatory authorities, law enforcement agencies, forensic eDiscovery specialists, law firms and in-house compliance monitoring and eDiscovery teams, Intelligent Voice is the only discovery and compliance monitoring solution for unstructured audio and video content to support the entire process from ingestion and transcription, search analytics and active learning, through to redactions and productions of both media and text, all within the RelativityOne or Server platform.

Intelligent Voice eliminates the expense and over-retrieval of legacy phonetic search technologies, and their dependencies on non-intuitive search syntaxes, niche skills sets and alternative workflows.

The Dominant Player in Audio / Video Discovery

Andrew Haslam

eDisclosure Systems Buyers Guide, 2022 Edition

As a Intelligent Voice partner and the longest running Relativity One partner in the world, Morae is trusted by leading law firms and busy legal departments for our expertise and precision execution to successfully guide them through every step for discovery and investigations.

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