Document Management

Deploy your secure cloud-based iManage document management solution, to consolidate your data as a ‘single source of truth’, improving productivity, cost-efficiency and provide secure access to your firms knowledge.


Emailing documents back and forth often happens every minute of every day in most firms, duplicating really important documents across multiple email inboxes, file shares, desktops, Dropbox – the list goes on. This can present a challenge not only for collaboration, but also for addressing legal and compliance obligations.

A Document Management System (DMS) can solve these problems by providing secure digital files and making it easy for everyone to store emails, documents, contracts in the same place. Users will find that search actually works so they can find the things they need. Version control makes sure that each user is always looking at the ‘latest’ version. Email filing makes sure that important content isn’t locked away in a random ex-employee’s email.

A DMS can ensure you always have access to your content wherever you are and regardless of the device you happen to have in your hands. iManage is the world’s leading solution and Morae is the largest and most experienced implementor and integrator of iManage in the world.


Cloud Migration

Gain access to all the benefits of the cloud, and let us address your complexity and security concerns.

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Compliance and Risk Management

Helping you conform to the highest standards and mitigate against the risk of data breaches.

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Data Security

Your firm holds a wealth of sensitive personal and commercial information – so we ensure it is secure and protected from prying eyes.

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Document & Email Management

Reducing the time and effort needed to find or file documents, helping your people and systems to work more efficiently.

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Enterprise Content Management

From design through support, we help your company effectively manage content and achieve regulatory compliance.

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Information Governance

We make sure you always look after and manage your own and your clients’ information appropriately.

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Information Management

We bring together client, job or matter centric documents and files and enable faster, easier user access.

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Microsoft Teams Governance

Teams is a critical tool for eliminating internal email, storing content, and enhancing collaboration with clients and business partners.

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Office Productivity

Clever solutions to create, manipulate, share and save documents – saving time and reducing risk.

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DMS Products

From initial consultancy through ongoing support, we can be there for you throughout the lifecycle of your document management solutions.

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DMS Support Services

We understand your needs are very specific and we design our solutions to be a great fit for legal professionals.

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Technology enabled

We deploy best-in-class technology in support of the entire contract management life cycle from intake to workflow to collaboration to drafting, review and negotiation to execution, sophisticated data analytics, sla/metrics, reporting and dashboards. Some of the solutions we work with include: