Compliance and Risk Management

Keeping information and systems compliant

Helping you conform to the highest standards and mitigate against the risk of data breaches.

Are you sure that your firm is entirely free of ‘dark data’ and the serious issues that it can cause?


Are you concerned that moving to the cloud might adversely impact your data storage compliance record?


How confident are you that your firm can respond effectively to existing and emerging data legislation such as GDPR, the Privacy Act or HIPPA?


Have you integrated a robust governance risk and compliance framework?

At a glance

Morae provides a range of solutions, compliance consultancy, and services to help firms meet their compliance obligations and manage risk in line with the latest thinking. Our sophisticated approaches include:

  • User behavior analytics to conduct risk assessments of internal resources and monitor the estate to pinpoint unusual user activity.
  • Data discovery tools to understand exactly what data you have and where it came from – including ‘dark data’ held independently on individual desktops or laptops.
  • Preventing emails being inadvertently sent to the wrong person or malicious data leakage.
  • Threat identification to protect against data breaches, identifying vulnerabilities and securing the environment against the risk of outside attack.

How we make a difference

You have an organizational responsibility to know what information is held where, who is accessing it, and where it is being sent. And your clients also expect you to mitigate against all possible data leaks and keep a firm hold on their confidential information. Not an easy task, but not impossible. Our compliance consulting experts work with you to create a joined-up approach to information security and risk management using the latest tools and drawing upon the most current thinking. We apply all of that to your unique environment to put in place the robust protection you need, but without hampering your working activities and processes.