Let us shoulder some of your day-to-day IT tasks.

Every IT team has a finite amount of time and resource, but working at 100% capacity all the time makes responding to new challenges difficult.

Is your firm operating for longer hours and therefore needing extended IT support?

Are IT resources already stretched and unable to free-up staff to address new business challenges?

Do you need to benchmark your service desk performance in order to make the case for further business investment?

At a glance

  • Outsource your service desk: We can provide real-time support that guarantees a person will answer your calls, 24x7x365. Our Service Desk supports an extensive list of applications, delivers on demand phone and email support, and, using remote desktop sharing, can diagnose and resolve application issues without fuss.
  • Outsource after hours and overflow support: From 6pm to 8am, plus weekends and holidays, we can step in and take over your service desk function, and relieve the strain your internal team. We can also augment your existing provision as needed, for example during mergers, maternity leave, conversions and seasonal variations.
  • Outsource software management: Why take up your valuable IT development provision with systems maintenance tasks, tweaking code and fixing bugs? We can provide a more cost-effective service that still meets your high standards using our in-house development pool and our dedicated offshore team.
  • Outsource service desk analysis: We compile the most comprehensive benchmarking data and service desk statistics available for the legal, accounting, and other professional services industries. We collect and report on trends and metrics and key data on ‘top ticket’ categories and software conversions gathered from more than two million service desk tickets. This valuable insight can help support your business case.

How we make a difference

Access to our pool of skilled developers, web designers, technical leads, project managers and testers boosts the capabilities of your existing in-house team and can make a significant difference to your IT departmental performance.

The benefits of outsourcing development, maintenance and service desk functions are numerous: rapid scalability and flexibility, knowledge backfill, adjustable working hours, adherence to best practice and increased responsiveness to economic, regulatory and security changes. Let us relieve the pressure and enable you to focus finite resources on the IT issues that matter the most to your firm.