Information Governance

Confident information custodians

We make sure you always look after and manage your own and your clients’ information appropriately.

How robust is your internal governance – from document storage and archiving through to records management and data destruction?


Are you 100% sure that only the right people ever have access to every single document held on your information management system?


Are you able to quickly find, review, check and securely send all the personal data you hold on a particular individual if requested?


Have you implemented robust information governance training alongside information security overhauls?

At a glance

We ensure that you not only fully meet your ongoing information governance responsibilities, but that you make it easy for your staff to store and find data or documents when requested.

  • Meet the requirements of changing legislation head on, including GDPR.
  • Retain total control of exactly who has access to information at any point and keep track of document use and amendment history with information governance training.
  • Have the flexibility to respond to any individual information governance requirements specified by clients.
  • Ensure your records management processes and polices dovetail your legislative and compliance responsibilities, so information security is paramount.
  • Have clear processes in place to identify various document types and apply the appropriate storage and retention parameters.

How we make a difference

When it comes to information governance, systems and software are only half of the story. There is no shortage of tools available, but what makes a difference is putting in place a solution that fits with how your staff work on a daily basis. Effective information governance should not feel like a separate or additional function, it should be an integral part of how you do things. It’s precisely because we understand the complex structures and processes that are necessarily adopted across the professional services industry that we can create the best set-up to suit. We’ll have succeeded when your employees don’t even notice their information governance activities – they simply follow their normal working practices, safe in the knowledge that all content is the right place and that an appropriate response can be delivered quickly and effectively.