Microsoft Teams Governance

Enhance productivity and collaboration within Microsoft Teams.

Compliant Integration of Microsoft Teams and iManage

Teams is a critical tool for eliminating internal email, storing content, and enhancing collaboration with clients and business partners.

Morae offers Prosperoware CAM to enhance productivity and collaboration within Microsoft Teams, all while adding a governance layer over content. CAM is an enterprise privacy management platform designed to improve processes around management of office documents and reduce risks related to privacy & cybersecurity.

As a Strategic Prosperoware Partner and iManage’s Partner of the Year, clients will appreciate our award-winning implementation and support services for a smooth and seamless experience.

CAM is available both, on-premises and in the cloud.

Key CAM Features for Microsoft Teams

MS Teams & Channels Provisioning & Management

  • Provisioning of Teams and Channels from Practice Management, Time & Billing, CRM, etc., and through a workflow form with approvals
  • Automatic & consistent naming of Teams & Channels
  • Effortless provisioning through CAM’s readily available templates
  • Automatically create tabs to DMS web application
  • Apply matter security from ethical walls and other systems of records

Matter Directory – Data Map & Master Metadata Management

  • Ability to map Teams and Channels to matters Assign unlimited, custom matter (project) metadata
  • Easily locate & search matters through a profile search

User & Group Management

  • Seamless management of users & groups (internal & external collaborators)
  • Automatic membership updates for users & groups
  • Quick application of security & permissions to only those who need to know

Movement of Documents Between MS Teams and DMS

  • Scheduled document movement between MS Teams & DMS Manual document movement between MS Teams & DMS