Morae MatterView

A user-friendly information management solution within the familiar interface of Microsoft Outlook, and tightly coupled with iManage.

As a professional, are you struggling to access critical client information in one, easy to navigate interface?

Are you frustrated by the use of many different systems to manage client engagements?

Would you benefit from a centralized view of your matter or project, including financial reports, key dates, contacts and tasks by seamlessly integrating with all major back office and cloud solutions including Time & Billing, Practice Management, Client Relationship, Case & Matter Management systems?

At a glance

  • Empowers professional services and improves efficiency by delivering real-time information through the use of scalable dashboards and automated reporting from multiple systems in a consolidated single interface.
  • Extends the functionality of iManage Work suite of applications as well as other best-of-breed solutions (Elite Enterprise and 3E, Aderant, Inprotech, Mitratech, InterAction).
  • Organizes large volumes easily via multiple site definitions and page tabs for individual projects or matters.
  • Creates useful summaries and coversheets for every workspace.
  • Attractive look and feel using design tools to enable customized layouts, presentation and branding, plus the familiarity of Microsoft Outlook styling.

iManage Work and MatterView for Corporate Legal

Watch how iManage and Morae MatterView Matter Management can deliver structure, governance and efficiency.

Why MatterView makes a difference

A matter is more than just a collection of documents and emails and for complete understanding, access to a disparate amount of information is required. The one application that is open at times is Outlook, making this the natural place to display everything. MatterView makes this possible, giving each professional access to everything they need, directly from their iManage Workspaces.

Formal matter, client, department or personal centric locations can be viewed, as well as structured information including tasks, notes, contacts, contract dates and undertakings for example.

MatterView makes new working styles possible by improving the usability and accessibility of your existing resources. And it does so seamlessly.