Morae Workspace Control

The simpler way to create and manage iManage Workspaces that’s easy to navigate, streamlined, secure and scalable.

Are workspace updates or bulk changes to profiles or folders simply taking too long?

Do you need better security and access controls aligned to particular roles or individuals?

Is your IT Service Desk overloaded with systems admin tasks? Would it be easier if non-sensitive activities were performed by the end user via a simple, intuitive self-service module?

At a glance

  • An intuitive, web-based dashboard from which the entire iManage Work environment can be managed, no matter how many locations and servers.
  • Manages the lifecycle of matter files from set-up and security through to archiving.
  • Role-based security and auditing so administrator access is more tightly controlled and service desk staff can unlock or remote check-in without seeing sensitive information.
  • Scalable and flexible architecture makes it easier to administer and support iManage Work as your firm grows and changes.
  • User friendly wizards ensure common, less sensitive administrative tasks are completed without the need for additional IT guidance.
  • Customised templates control folder structures and facilitate fast and efficient creation of new workspaces in line with pre-set parameters.
  • Automated or self-service workspace management through streamlined integration with your PMS or Matter Management products, or tightly integrated self-service wizards directly from within iManage Work.

Morae Workspace Control for iManage

Watch the Morae Workspace Control for iManage demo.

Why Workspace Control makes a difference

As information volumes increase and people move, change roles, take on new work – even the simplest of updates or systems admin tasks can eventually cause bottlenecks and impact productivity. Making bulk changes or conducting multi-site updates can also become overly complicated and time-consuming.

Within corporate legal departments, being able to safely run these processes without the need for IT to be involved is paramount to being efficient. Workspace Control’s self-service and role based management enables the right people to perform the job correctly and quickly every time.

Workspace Control puts you back in control but without compromising on security. One of our most popular products, many of our clients soon wonder what they did without it.