On-Demand Resourcing

Keep documents organized and secure across the organization.

A legal professional resource with the skills and expertise you need, when and where you need them.

Every legal department and law firm has dynamic and often evolving resourcing requirements to keep pace with the fast-changing business environment, regulatory landscape, and economy.


Our clients hire us to provide access to lawyers, paralegals, and compliance and legal ops professionals with the right skills, and expertise they need, when and where they need them. This allows organisations to embed agile and dynamic expertise to always allow high performance.


OnDemand by Morae not only meets our clients’ resourcing needs but in doing so will help establish a new career paradigm for legal experts.


Join Our On-Demand Talent Network

At On-Demand By Morae, we will give you the opportunity and support to launch your successful legal project career with our industry-leading clients.

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Expert Resources Tailored to Your Needs

1500+ Legal Professionals

We source from a broad network of legal professionals with experience in all major legal skillsets.

Am Law 100

Our network includes professionals with experience working in Am Law 100/200 and Fortune 500 firms.

Unique Approach

Our consultative approach and creative solutions actively support both clients and talent.

Multiple Positions

Our professionals include senior attorneys, mid-level attorneys, junior attorneys, paralegals, legal operations consultants and compliance professionals to support your needs.

A Global Presence

We have locations in all the major economic centers around the world.

Targeted Recruiting

We supplement our standing network with targeted recruiting for specific needs.

Experience in All Major Legal Skillsets

OnDemand by Morae is a solution designed for your needs. Our team’s deep, real-world experience makes us the ideal strategic partner for flexible, scalable legal services. We can fill any need in your legal department, including:

  • Sales and Procurement contract creation negotiation and execution
  • Non-Disclosure/Confidentiality Agreements
  • Litigation
  • Pharmaceutical research and development agreements
  • Financial transactions
  • IP
  • Real estate agreements
  • M&A transactional support
  • Employment matters
  • Claims review
  • Compliance
Why Choose OnDemand by Morae?

Ability to Scale

We give you the flexibility to scale with your department and match the talent to your needs with just a few days’ notice.

Quality Assured

We follow a set vetting process across the Morae business that uses defined parameters to assess candidates’ suitability along with our in-depth background checks and referencing.

Cost Benefit

By matching our OnDemand professionals to your needs, you’ll save on average 30-40% vs. working with a law firm.

OnDemand has gone virtual

Working virtually has become the norm for most legal departments. Finding talent to fill department gaps can be challenging driven by the growth in the remote working models required today.


At Home Online
Our team of lawyers, paralegals, and compliance and legal ops professionals are all adept at working in a virtual setting. We can help you quickly and efficiently mobilize our teams virtually in support of your department, as you have needs arise.

Case Studies

Transforming Service Delivery

Transforming Service Delivery

Aligning Intellectual Property Management with Business Objectives for an Automotive Company

Aligning Intellectual Property Management with Business Objectives for an Automotive Company