Manage risk, complexity and cost by leveraging Morae’s experts to create effective Compliance functions and programs, ensure cost-effective day-to-day Compliance, and unleash the power of technology.

Improve your compliance while reducing cost

Design, set up and manage your world-class compliance program, leveraging our proven experience. Tap into our specialist expertise in areas such as privacy, AML and third-party vendor screening.


Discover an agile technology-enabled approach that combines strategic perspective with optimized operational execution. Stay on top of changing regulations with AI-powered horizon scanning and policy updates.


Scale your capabilities using our managed compliance services, with a global footprint for competitive pricing and worldwide coverage.

Deliver key benefits for compliance

Optimize your compliance and manage risk

Assess your compliance priorities, defining policies and procedures to embed via effective training and communications.

Manage your complex compliance landscape

Create an effective compliance strategy and operating model, leveraging AI to support document management and reporting.

Reduce cost with efficient compliance

Establish streamlined and cost-effective compliance workflows, deploying managed services to reduce operating costs.

Be tech-enabled to manage change

Address regulatory change, and recover performance after incidents or breaches, using advanced compliance technology.

Solution areas for your compliance

Compliance Operations

Build and execute your optimized compliance program, bridging legal requirements and business operations, drawing on our expert teams to scale your resources.

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Anti-Corruption/Anti-Bribery Third-Party Screening

Screen third-parties for corruption and trade sanction risk, as well as for related adverse media concerns.

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Compliance & Ethics Agile Training Support Services

Gain expert support with strategy, content development, data analytics and project management for your compliance training program.

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Compliance and Data Management

Leverage our expert people, proven processes and AI technology for help with regulatory change. Test, remediate and drive consistency across large volumes of data and documents.

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Compliance Data Analytics

Transform compliance data into meaningful metrics and insights, by locating and consolidating information for AI-enabled analytics.

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Data Privacy

Transform the way you share, collect, and utilize data in a privacy-focused world, with our expertise in regulatory issues such as GDPR and PII.

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Leverage our tech-enabled expertise

Our experts work with the industry’s leading technology partners to integrate seamless automation and new AI capabilities into your workflows.