Compliance & Ethics Agile Training Support Services

Common Compliance Training Challenges

Organizations of varying sizes, geographies, and compliance program maturities often need help with strategy, content development, data analytics and project management related to their compliance training programs.

Leaders face the challenge of interpreting DOJ guidance and reconciling its requirements with their business objectives. Morae’s expertise allows us to tailor training programs to best address an organization’s risk profile and desired behavioral outcomes.


Organizations also commonly underestimate the need for an “extra set of hands” in executing the training strategy. Morae’s professionals can help bridge resource gaps, assisting with everything from coordinating cross-functional stakeholders to creating data analytics dashboards.

Our Approach

Morae is agile. We plug-in wherever you need us, whether that means providing an end-to-end solution, or targeted assistance.


  • Administer training, including LMS setup
  • Manage user data validation and assignments; support trainees during launch
  • Set up and manage reporting


  • Design training roadmap
  • Consult subject matter experts
  • Develop and / or customize content
  • Coordinate translations
  • Customize LMS platform (branding, translations, CEO communication, etc.)

Consulting & Strategy

  • Identify and prioritize risk areas
  • Review, select and manage LMS implementation
  • Determine monitoring objectives
  • Develop and implement training and reporting strategy


  • Develop and execute communications plan
  • Utilize LMS to deliver communications as appropriate
  • Develop and execute artifacts, manager toolkits, and other launch materials

Monitoring & Reporting

  • Analyze data (e.g., extract learnings and next steps from data captured in training, proficiency tests)
  • Conduct engagement survey
  • Develop dashboards for agreed audiences