Legal Department Assessment

Expert assessments to help you build and manage your legal department or law firm.

Build the legal department or law firm of the future

Replace traditional “cut-and-paste” consultative assessments with our bespoke solutions for your specific needs. We’ll work with you to tailor pragmatic changes suitable to your situation and aligned to your business goals.

What to expect

Understand your current situation and define the project objective.

Gather targeted information, based on collaborative discussion of priorities and desired outcomes. We don’t go on fishing expeditions or arrive with a solution in search of a problem.

Contextualize and understand data. Our expertise and experience enable us to uncover the underlying causes of your unique position and analyze them in context.

Recommend customized solutions. Not based on just “best practices,” but “best practices that will work for you.” And not based on just “benchmarks,” but “benchmarks relevant to you.”

Deliver an action plan. We develop a plan of attack to achieve your desired outcome, based on real-world considerations and always mindful of change management and adoption.

Implement or provide implementation advice, support and resources. We can support you post-engagement, as needed and desired.

We deliver excellence in building and managing legal departments and law firms

Unlike traditional diagnostic and recommendation engagements that cover the same basic steps of “gather raw data, massage data, make cookie-cutter recommendations, up-sell client, rinse and repeat,” Morae’s Legal Business Consulting (LBC) approach is focused on providing specific solutions to your unique challenges.

Often, these challenges are not immediately understood, and cannot necessarily be uncovered through analyzing raw data. So, at the outset of an engagement, we take the time to understand your situation and environment, including working with you to gain an understanding of:

  • Your company’s strategic priorities and market challenges;
  • Your legal department’s role within the organization and how it may be expected to support the company’s priorities;
  • Your department’s near-, mid-, and long-term goals and priorities.


This foundation enables us to contextualize and customize our approach to your assessment and allows us to provide you with more efficient and effective recommendations.

We focus on uncovering not only the gaps between your current and desired state, but the unique drivers of your specific challenges. Combined with our deep and broad understanding of best practices and benchmarks, this allows us to tailor pragmatic recommendations suitable to your situation.

At Morae, we take our clients well beyond the bounds of traditional consulting. Our advisors have the thought leadership and access to the tools necessary to make world-class recommendations. But what really sets us apart is our experience as practitioners, in roles such as general counsel, director of legal operations, company founders, IT professionals and financial analysts.

By focusing our diagnostic approach on your priorities, we produce recommended solutions that can actually be implemented within the bounds of your organization. We assist in prioritizing your solutions, outlining feasible options for implementation, assisting you with implementation or providing you the playbook and training to implement solutions yourself.

Case Studies

Developing New Sourcing Strategies to Reduce Legal Spend

Developing New Sourcing Strategies to Reduce Legal Spend

Rapid Restructuring of the Legal and Compliance Functions

Rapid Restructuring of the Legal and Compliance Functions


Technology enabled

We deploy best-in-class technology in support of the entire contract management life cycle from intake to workflow to collaboration to drafting, review and negotiation to execution, sophisticated data analytics, sla/metrics, reporting and dashboards. Some of the solutions we work with include: