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upcoming and on-demand Webinars

Expert webinar series

We’ve bought together expertise from across Morae to bring you an exciting series of webinars:  

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Maturity In Metrics: Applying Data Science to Legal Services Procurement

Wednesday 18 August 11:00-12:00 ET

Monique White, Senior Director at Morae, will moderate a panel of experts including Magen McClintock, Procurement Strategist at KeyBank, Marcelo Peviani, Director of COE Transactions, Technology and Operations at Lenovo and Bill Novomisle, Director of Legal Operations at Cresco Labs.

Join for an eye-opening discussion examining how corporate legal departments are leveraging these advanced data analytics tools and techniques to enable improved understanding and more informed decision making across all stages of the procurement journey.

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ConnectLive Virtual 2021 Asia Pacific

Morae were diamond sponsors at the the biggest education event for iManage customers, partners, product experts, and users. It’s designed to bring together professionals across industries, to gain insights, share best practices and access the latest product roadmaps, visions, and thinking.

Morae‘s Allan Rees-Bevan and Hamish Martyn interviewed Colin Biggers & Paisley‘s CIO Sam Sofianos on how being on the iManage Cloud has helped his national law firm to weather the Covid storm.

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Get Ready for the Surge – Avoiding the Costs and Pitfalls of Employee DSARs

We are already seeing a rise in employee data subject access requests (DSARs) as lockdown “unlocks”, with the pace increasing as the rate of change in the workplace increases. Join us for a practical webinar on how to prepare for and manage this tricky issue.

Employee DSARs have the potential to take up an enormous amount of time and cost. Each case can escalate quickly, not only in terms of complexity, but each also carries the potential for further litigation, meaning there are many things employers need to get right when processing each DSAR.

As the economy unlocks, individuals’ working situations change and businesses restructure, the number of DSARs from disgruntled or former employees making claims is set to rise even further. Employers should take every possible step to mitigate the potential risks to avoid unnecessary costs.

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Increase Law Firm Competitiveness Using Data-Driven Customer Experiences

Join Kerri Vermeylen, Director of International Business Development at Sidley Austin, Justin North, Managing Director at Morae and Barry Solomon, Vice President at Litera, Firm Intelligence Business Unit who will discuss Kerri’s experience using data to increase her firm’s competitiveness, including:

  • Placing Value on Customer Experience: Customer Experience (CX) is becoming a value metric to many law firm clients – it is no longer just about costs or outcomes, but about much more.
  • Power From Consolidated Data: Firms no longer need to manually connect data and tirelessly review information sources to seek out trends – solutions can now replace days of manual labour with instant intelligence.
  • Accurate Data Anywhere: Firms can now access data anywhere – in the office or working remotely to better inform their decisions.
  • Helping Future Growth: Firms can ensure greater consistency of service across all of their clients over time – not just those who are considered platinum relationships today.

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iManage ConnectLive 2021

ConnectLive 2021 is the biggest education event for iManage customers, partners, product experts, and users. It’s designed to bring together professionals across industries, to gain insights, share best practices and access the latest product roadmaps, visions, and thinking.

Morae was a Gold sponsor and David Malkinson will be spoke about Going Stratospheric: delivering change, reducing risk and increasing adoption with  your iManage cloud project

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Compliance Work is Hard – How Compliance Functions Can Work Smarter Using iManage

Join our on-demand Webinar alongside iManage where we’ll explore how effective document management can reduce the burden and help address other compliance challenges as well as:

  • Simplifying the gathering, structuring, and processing of complex information and data
  • Maintaining the integrity of views in spite of multiple iterations and versions
  • Supporting effective knowledge management and sharing
  • Reducing the admin burden of compliance work, creating a platform for efficiencies
  • Delivering security and confidentiality for the most sensitive documents
  • How one Compliance function at a multinational financial services corporation solved their compliance challenges through using iManage

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Expert Roundtable: Future-Proofing the Workplace – How Will Legal Respond?

Now more than ever, organizations are searching for workplace solutions that are focused on today’s dynamic needs. The hybrid workplace will need both in-person and remote participants working together. 

The session will focus on the role and impact of in-house legal departments in helping navigate the challenges of the business, their perspective as a function, and how changing workplaces might influence their working habits and risks. Other discussion topics will include:

– Legal and compliance implications to different working setups

– Bringing visions for the ‘Future of Work’ to life

– Culture and resourcing

– Digital transformation

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Cloud-Based Legal Holds and Ediscovery in a COVID World and Beyond

Cloud technology isn’t just a thing of the future, it’s a tool for the present. This is true now more than ever with the rise in remote work, the increased scope of the corporate legal team, and the need to streamline the process from start to finish. This session will explore what challenges get solved through adoption of cloud-based software, as well as tips, tricks, and opportunities for success in implementing, pandemic or not.

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Data Governance and Knowledge Management Done Right at a Major Australian Bank Webinar

Morae’s Allan Rees-Bevan and ANZ’s ​​​​​Elliot Leibu discuss ‘Plugging Gaps and Opening Doors: Data Governance and Knowledge Management Done Right at a Major Australian Bank’ which took place at the Events 4 Sure Global Legal Confex – APAC.

– Ensuring the correct planning goes into an information management and security initiative so that knowledge management and sharing is still achievable at the end of the project

– Change management and how to drive user adoption to new platforms

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Building a Business Case for the iManage Cloud

Are you considering moving your on-premises DMS to a SaaS offering? With the general acceptance of cloud in legal, why do some firms still find it challenging to get cloud projects signed off?

Watch this on-demand webinar where we’ll provide you with the tools and collateral to put together a rock-solid business case to migrate to the iManage cloud. We’ll be covering:

– Current industry trends

– Customer testimonials from those who have made the move

– Is on-prem becoming obsolete?

– How the cloud improves content security

– Beyond cost savings – Cloud as a competitive advantage

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LegalOps for Start Ups: How Innovative Operating Models Can Help You Run Lean Legal Functions

Tuesday, April 27th at 5.30pm SGT / 3.00pm IST

Ensuring robust legal support for startups and private equity/VC firms is crucial, especially for contracts so that deals can close more quickly. But staying on budget can be a challenge. By reimagining and formalizing the ways in which contracts are created, negotiated, and managed, private equity firms and high growth start-ups can greatly expedite the review of contracts to support a more agile go to market strategy.

Join Morae’s Chris Cahn and Priti Parekh to learn about the challenges and opportunities startups face and proven solutions to consider. In this webinar you will learn how to:

– Establish and scale legal services at an optimum cost, even on a global basis

– Quickly attract and retain the right legal talent through the use of service providers

– Set up innovative Legal Managed Services aligned to achieving aggressive business objectives

– Provide support for commercial contracts for a more agile sales process

– Allocate work creatively to optimize the usage of law firms and other legal service providers

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The Paradox of Value

The Paradox of Value has troubled thinkers from Adam Smith to Plato, but does it apply to legal services?

Whether they be planned or unexpected, complex or commodity, how do we truly value the legal services we procure and receive?

What is it that we value from our legal services – is it the expertise, the outcome, the process, the relationship, the trust, the price or the protection – and does this complex question require an answer before we can effectively negotiate and procure legal services?

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Data & Intelligence – New Foundations for Law

Our 2-part Webinar series will involve industry leaders exploring how a more professional approach to intelligence gathering can assist in targeting pursuits, growing your client base, and increasing market share.

The first session, ‘Next Generation Marketing & Intelligence Technology’ on March 10th will be an introduction to our new technology partnership with Foundation Software Group and will be led by its Executive Vice President Barry Solomon, and Ray Burch, Director at Morae.

The second session, ‘Data & Intelligence’ on March 24th will focus on the increasing importance of quality data to inform decisions in strategic business development within law firms, how it can assist in targeted pursuits and market intelligence, and how this is even more critical in a post-pandemic recovery.

View Part 2 On-demand here.

Docusign Momentum 

Wednesday 24 March 9am PST

Momentum is the DocuSign annual customer conference.

This past year has been all about adapting, transforming and coming together in the face of unexpected changes. Join us for inspiration about how you can do business better, from practically anywhere, with eSignature, Contract Lifecycle Management, AI-based contract analytics, and the rest of the DocuSign Agreement Cloud.

  • Hear customers share their success stories.
  • See new product capabilities.
  • Learn how to make the most of what you’re already using.

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Deploying Teams and Channels alongside iManage? Best Practices for Law Firms and Legal Departments

With Teams now widely adopted by lawyers as the primary instant messaging platform, firms are looking to take the next step and take advantage of the extended collaboration capabilities enabled by creating Teams and channels

However, those who have invested in a document management system such as iManage are quickly realising this isn’t as straightforward as it would seem. The inability to turn off the files tab in Teams means that legal content can quickly find its way into SharePoint online, compromising the system of record, and risking violation of firm policies and client terms.

To get this right, you need a careful blend of configuration, tooling, defined ways of working and change management.

During this session, David Malkinson and Keith Lipman will be sharing field experience and best practices on using Teams alongside iManage, as well as change management tips to help you succeed.

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On-Demand – Is the legal industry on the cusp of a transformational change?

Join Morae’s CEO Shahzad Bashir in a virtual fireside chat alongside Charlene Ripley, Executive Vice President & General Counsel at SNC-Lavalin and Cinthia Granzo Nespoli, Chief Legal Officer at Pearson plc as they discuss how the events of 2020 have spurred an unprecedented change and the trends that will continue shaping the legal industry in 2021 and beyond.

They discuss aspects of societal change as it impacts legal professionals, the inherent challenges of balancing our work and home lives as well as where they see the industry heading after the pandemic.

Other topics include:

– The transition to remote working
– Collaboration in different locations and what have we lost and gained in virtual partnerships
– The widespread use of information collaboration
– Virtual and global sourcing
– Security and privacy
– Cost effectiveness

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On-Demand – Strategies to Get Your Legal Automation Program the Support it Deserves

Whether it’s your first implementation of AI, or time to replace your current CLM with something better, join this webcast to learn how to package your program to get buy-in and budget. You will also learn:

  • How to right size your automation project in phases and where to start
  • How to make your legal digitization project have enterprise-class impact and benefits (increase the lift)
  • The importance of partnering with cross-functional team

Join Mary Jummati, Managing Director at Morae, Sonu Nayar, Director IT, HR & Legal Applications at Genesys, Jaime Borja, Global Leader, Legal Department Operations at Genesys and Jennifer Schwartz, Senior Product Marketing Manager at DocuSign to unpack these topics.

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On-Demand – Global Legal ConfEx, APAC

Priti Parekh, Senior Managing Director at Morae and Yolanda van den Berg, Solution Architect at Docusign share the client success story of Unilver: ‘Moving Beyond Manual Processes for Contract Managemnt: Leveraging Contract Lifecycle Management to Drive Remarkable Efficiency Gains.

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On-Demand – Trust Under Fire: How to Build Strong Relationships with Your Legal Advisors

Apperio and Morae are hosting this webinar where the philosopher and founder of Philosophy at Work, Dr Brennan Jacoby will unpack the science of trustworthiness, and challenge us to see trust as a product of relationships rather than a component of transactional interactions. This session with be moderated by Sinead Burke, Industry Expert, Morae and Matrina Garnett, Sales Director, Apperio.

You will gain:

  • A sharper ability to spot the power dynamics at play in their relationships with legal advisors
  • A deeper understanding of how trustworthiness works and why it supports trust
  • Greater confidence to discern when too much trust has been given and set boundaries that sustain relationships with smoother transaction processes
  • Examples of actions that can be taken to relate to your legal advisors in ways that show trustworthiness and, therefore, contribute to trust

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On-Demand – Transforming Legal Spend – Elite Performance in Legal Operations

Wolters Kluwer and Morae are hosting this webinar which will explore some of the key elements of the wider lifecycle of Legal Spend Transformation including:

  • Both the procurement and execution phases of dealing with spend drivers
  • The under-utilized levers that truly elite General Counsel use to control spend and transform their departments
  • Selective and strategic managed service offerings that reduce risk and standardize working practices
  • Innovative technology services that act to empower self-service, drive efficiency and risk management

This session will be moderated by Joy Saphla, President of Strategic Solutions at Morae. She will be joined by Justin North, Managing Director at Morae, alongside Jim Delkousis, CEO and Founder at Persuit and Joe Galea, Global Sales Director at Wolters Kluwer

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On-Demand – Legal Transformation Forum: Embracing the New Reality

Corporate Counsel Business Journal and Morae are hosting an interactive virtual event to provide you with an open and frank discussion of tough issues facing today’s in-house and law firm legal professionals.

Our expert line up is made up of leading lawyers, corporate counsel, and legal operations professionals – including speakers from Unilever, UBS, Mayer Brown. Pearson PLC, and others – who will share their insights and brutally honest opinions about the direction of the legal market and how they are constructively embracing change.

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On-Demand – Relativity Fest

Our Secure Remote Review solution, and how we are working with The Stephen James Partnership, featured this week in RelativityFest’s opening keynote address. Together we are powering transformation for document review:

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On-Demand – LIBOR Transition Series

Our new LIBOR Transition series of webinars and podcasts will provide information on the key issues and considerations you need to know about:

Part 1: A discussion of the broader LIBOR landscape as well as sharing insight into the collaboration between Morae and Mayer Brown

Part 2: The SEC-OCIE Examination; A practical guide to achieving “LIBOR transition preparedness”

Part 3: IBOR Transition: It’s later than you think!

Part 4: IBOR Transition: It’s later than you think! (2)

On-Demand – McDonald’s to Reveal “Special Sauce” for Legal Ops Strategy and Transformation

Join an exclusive Webinar hosted by Legal Operators on Thursday July 9 at 10 AM CST with Curtis Batterton, Legal Operations & Global Technology Manager at McDonald’s and experts from Morae, Onit, and iManage to hear how McDonald’s Corporation has done just that in achieving significant transformation of its global legal operations.

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On-Demand – Bringing Cutting Edge Legal Technologies to India

Legal Tech Webinar:
Join Hamish Martyn, Head of Solutions APAC at Morae Australia, Chris Davis, MD at Morae Australia and Priti Parekh, Senior MD at Morae India

Fireside chat:
Join Naushad Nomanbhoy, Director at Bharucha & Partners and Sanjay Shah, MD at iManage India

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On-Demand – ConnectLive 2020

40 breakout sessions for different roles and market segments delivered including ‘Why don’t we just use Office 365’ by David Malkinson, Managing Director at Morae and ‘Legal AI – Is Technology Mature Enough for Professional Services?’ by Chris Cahn, Managing Director at Morae

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On-Demand – Transforming Legal Service Delivery and Enabling Self-Service at Pearson

Join Robert Mignanelli, SVP, Associate General Counsel, Global Product/Technology at Pearson PLC, Matt DenOuden, Global VP of Sales at Onit, and Joy Saphla, President, Strategic Solutions at Morae

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On-Demand – Practices in Responding to Increased DSAR Volumes
Join Chris Pell, Associate Director at Standard Chartered Bank, David Regan, Director at Squire Patton Boggs, and Patrick Kellermann, Senior Director at Morae

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On-Demand – How to Deliver Document Review Virtually and Securely
Join Patrick Kellerman, Senior Director at Morae and KJ Stillablower, Chief Technology and Information Security Officer at Morae

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On-Demand – Litigation Readiness in Times of Crisis
Join from Marsha Montgomery, Managing Counsel for Litigation at BP, Geoffrey David, Head of Litigation at Rio Tinto, Group, and James Neath, President, Strategic Solutions at Morae

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On-Demand – Governance and Microsoft Teams: Taking Control
Join David Malkinson, Managing Director at Morae and Keith Lipman, CEO and Co-Founder of Prosperoware

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On-Demand – LIBOR Transition: Zero in on Desired Outcomes with Efficient Technology-Driven Workflows
Join Chris Cahn, Managing Director at Morae, and Darshan Karia, Solutions Specialist at Relativity

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