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We are purpose-built with former general counsels, law department operations directors, innovative leaders from LPO and eDiscovery firms, top law department management consultants, and senior strategy and technology experts who customize solutions to assist clients in transforming how legal work is done.


  • Headquarters in Houston, Texas, with offices and employees in 13 cities and 9 countries around the world
  • More than 600 clients spanning four continents and including law firms, law departments, and compliance teams
  • Experience in many industries, including highly regulated and litigious verticals such as financial services, technology, and pharmaceutical

September, 2015

Company Founded

+ Legal Advisory and Managed Services

January, 2017

Acquires  AegisAdvantage

+ Compliance Services

May, 2017

Merges with Clutch Group

+ eDiscovery

May, 2019

Acquires Phoenix Business Solutions

+ Document Management Services

July, 2020

Acquires Janders Dean

+ Strategic Consulting


We seek to redefine the legal and compliance functions. We aim to transform them from mere cost centers to efficient and integral parts of the value chain helping business effectively mitigate risk before it manifests.


Our mission is to enable digital transformation and legal transformation in the legal industry through our people and technology.


Integrity & Trust

Hold each other and ourselves to the highest standards of legal, ethical and moral conduct in all matters.

Earn trust every day through our deeds and actions, by being honest and candid in our communication and clear and authentic in our intentions.

Operate in good faith with transparency and candor.


Hold each other, our teams and ourselves accountable for our actions and results. Reward those results and diligently correct suboptimal performance.

Earn the right to service our clients’ business on a daily basis.

Recognize high performance in compliance with our values.

Collaboration with our Employees & Clients

Embrace and celebrate diversity of thought, culture, community, and point of view.

Invest in long-term relationships with our employees and support their professional and personal goals.

Ignite our clients’ business performance and earn the right to retain them for life.


Digital Transformation

Transforming our clients through our enabling technologies, including process automation and AI-powered workflows.

Legal Business Transformation

Transforming our clients though our talented people, including expert on-demand resources and managed services.

leadership TEAM



Shahzad Bashir

President & Chief Executive Officer, Morae Global Corporation

Albert O. Cornelison

Retired Executive Vice President and General Counsel, Halliburton Company

Christopher M. Graff

Partner and Director of Asset Management, RMB Capital Management

Gary Holdren

Morae Global Corporation

Guillermo (Gil) G. Marmol

President and Advisor,
Marmol & Associates

Richard De Silva

Managing Partner,
Lateral Investment Management

Abhi Shah

Vice Chairman,
Morae Global Corporation

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