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iManage shares our focus and deep experience of the professional services sector, as well as our commitment to customer excellence.

What does iManage offer Morae clients?

A key benefit of choosing iManage as part of your Morae solution is that the products are an excellent fit with the way professionals work. The suite has been enhanced to keep pace with the working habits of the new professional including mobile accessibility, intuitive email management, and options for hosting.

We work with all the key elements of the iManage suite including iManage Work (FileSite and Desksite), iManage Share, iManage Govern and iManage Insight. We have also developed additional product enhancements to assist with administration and increase user adoption.

Together we deliver market leading document and email management solutions for professional services firms and in-house legal departments around the globe.

How we add value

Morae delivers end-to-end project delivery from sales and implementation through to ongoing support. Our proven approach ensures a tight, automated integration of iManage into line of business systems – every time. This ‘no borders’ approach is only possible because of our deep understanding of both the iManage product set and the professional services environment. And the subsequent support we offer is unparalleled.

iManage products we support

iManage Work

Manage all your documents, emails and work files via one central repository.

Designed specifically to meet the needs of professional services firms and in-house legal departments, iManage Work is the leading solution for document and email management. Access work product files from any device and collaborate with colleagues and stakeholders in a secure environment.

An efficient and easy-to-use solution, all your emails and documents can be managed in a matter-centric manner and accessed according to pre-set protocols. Content is also fully searchable, ensuring all the relevant information is easy and quick to find as required.

iManage Cloud

Great performance and availability on demand.

iManage Cloud is delivered in a single modern interface across phone, tablet and desktop. Offering uncompromised security, iManage Cloud data centers meet ISO 27001 information security standards. All your client data is encrypted and replicated to a secondary data centre for total peace of mind. The cloud offering delivers all the functionality of the iManage on-premises implementation, but iManage deliver it as a fully managed service, reducing IT reliance, and ensuring 24/7 operation.

Whether you are an existing iManage user, or setting up an entirely new solution – Morae ensures your move to the cloud is stress free. You’ll keep complete control of your data and administration during the move; we also ensure your other integrated third-party systems are cloud-ready too. If you want a phased move, by location or practice area, that can also be arranged for you. The iManage Cloud is available within the US, the UK, Australia and Singapore.

iManage Share

A secure and effective way for professionals to share documents.

Using iManage Share makes it easy to exchange contracts and other work products with other professionals including colleagues, partners, clients and external consultants. Create folders within your iManage Work file and invite client contacts or others to access specific content, compare documents and collaborate.

Incorporating high level security and seamless integration with iManage Work and Microsoft Outlook, sharing files is simple and efficient – all within a familiar user interface.

Knowledge Unlocked

Bringing knowledge to the surface.

Knowledge Unlocked makes it simple to discover relevant content and seek best practices from experts based on your own activities, experience, and relationships. Turn your DMS into a knowledge management and search powerhouse and incorporate other sources of institutional analytical and practical data to discover contextually relevant content, expertise, best practices, and insights.

Teams excel when they have easy access to the right information, in context, when they need it. Knowledge Unlocked search experiences make it simple to connect and surface information to leverage best practices, locate experts, and highlight the latest legal practice unlocking your team to bring the best of the firm to every interaction.

iManage Records Manager

Governance for physical and electronic records

As communications and email volumes grow, and the forms of information professionals work with multiply (text messages, voicemail, social media), organizations face significant challenges for effectively managing records across the enterprise. How professional services firms manage and secure physical and electronic assets is critical for compliance and business success.

iManage Records Manager is the industry-leading records management application used by professionals to manage both electronic and physical records on any device and from any location. A modern web-based interface delivers governance and legal hold capabilities for a variety of physical and electronic assets including physical files, electronic documents, and emails, ensuring information is retained based on organization retention polices and then disposed when it reaches end of life.

Morae’s wider document management solution suite makes it even easier to comply with regulation, compliance and governance initiatives by securing, encrypting and ensuring that content stored in iManage (and other repositories) containing sensitive personal information can be discovered and redacted or extracted if required.

New add-on modules to protect your data

iManage Threat Manager
iManage Threat Manager delivers threat detection, monitoring, investigative capabilities, alerts and reporting to protect sensitive information in your iManage system 24/7 across any device, anywhere.

A high-performance solution, iManage Threat Manager integrates with iManage Work and deals with the challenge of modern security attacks including phishing (where the attacker has managed to compromise the network perimeter) and insider malfeasance (where the traditional security stack is rendered ineffective).

  • Peace of mind thanks to sophisticated, highly accurate threat detection around the clock
  • Reduces false positives, enabling greater attention is given to higher risk alerts
  • Data breaches and the time needed to neutralise a threat are both reduced
  • Comprehensive investigative and reporting tools

iManage Security Policy Manager
iManage Security Policy Manager ensures you can quickly and effectively enforce client-oriented ‘need-to-know’ policies for sensitive content, as well as easily maintaining ethical walls and barriers.

A key advantage of iManage Security Policy Manager is that you can enjoy the most sophisticated data protection without impacting how your professionals need to work on a daily basis. Content held in non-iManage files can also be protected.

  • Role-based dashboards for administrators, owners and users
  • A scalable solution for need-to-know security protection
  • Reduces the time spent on access management
  • Responsive design with client-centricity at its core

iManage Extract

Extract data locked in legal documents

Organizations perform better and make more informed decisions when they have an accurate understanding of their position in legal documents. iManage Extract uses AI to automate the extraction of critical data points creating structured data that enhances the quality of legal and contract services. By transforming unstructured information from legal documents into useful structured data, organizations get more value out of existing documents, expedite review time, and leverage extracted data to gain insight into business and contractual risk, empowering teams to inform negotiations and make decisions faster.

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