Morae WorkView

Reduce the Cost of Managing Paper Matter/Case Files.

The Morae WorkView add-on for iManage™ aids sites provides a full electronic file capability.

iManage users can now enjoy the benefit of viewing selected data for the matter/case direct from their FileSite/DeskSite client. The information displayed in WorkView can be sourced from any other application, such as a practice management system or accounting application. WorkView fully replaces the physical matter/case file and allows the site to choose what sort of data is to be presented to end-users. The data can consist of text areas, graphs, images or other ‘widgets’ defined by the site. Optional tabs deliver functions such as time-recording, automatic document generation with integration available for HotDocs, Exari, IdealDocs or Bighand. Other tabs can be enabled by the site for Reports, Disbursement recording, Tasks/Events (fully synchronised with Outlook Calendar/Tasks), Notes or the site can define their own tabs in addition to those provided by Workspace designer. WorkView adjusts the information displayed based on the user’s security within iManage and the matter/case type and this is defined by the WorkView administrator using an intuitive admin tool. WorkView supports FileSite or DeskSite (vers 8.0 on subsequent) and MS Outlook versions 2007, 2010 or 2013 or Outlook 2016 and Office 365. WorkView also provides a simple interface for many matter/case specific actions such as document generation or digital dictation with integration to 3rd party applications that support iManage such BigHand, HotDocs as examples.

Users of the BigHand™ digital dictation system can launch recording sessions direct from our WorkView add-on for iManage clients of DeskSite or FileSite, with the recorded file saved into iManage with no operator involvement and passed to operators for transcription.

Key Features

  • Easily customized without programming
  • Supports FileSite or DeskSite
  • Integrates with all practice management systems
  • Leverages the power of iManage to deliver the electronic matter/case file
  • Displays matter/case information direct within iManage client
  • Support for HotDocs, BigHand, and other 3-party tools as standard