iManage and Morae invite you to attend Collaborating with Legal, a webinar dedicated to developing strategies for enhancing collaborating with departments outside of Legal. Join Chuck Davis, Managing Director of Morae, as he shares best practices on how customers can use Collaboration Licenses to breakdown a variety of roadblocks, and take advantage of benefits like:

“Co-Authoring” Streamlining collaboration between legal professionals and business stakeholders across the enterprise
“Improved Accessibility” users can access legal documents from anywhere, at any time
“Regulatory Compliance” ensure compliance with legal and regulatory requirements by keeping content within iManage
“Cost Savings” Reducing the need for publishing content to other repositories and minimizing the risk of lost documents.

Two reasons why you should watch:
1. You are looking for better ways for your Legal Department to service internal customers – Procurement, HR, Sales, Compliance, Finance, etc.
2. You want to cut down on the endless number of document versions floating around Emails, Chat and various repositories.