Chris Davis

Managing Director


[email protected]


I am Managing Director of Morae in Australia and New Zealand running our regional team out of Sydney. I hold a Masters of Management through Macquarie Graduate School, am an avid Skier and have travelled extensively living for a number of years in Europe and a short stint living in Canada (the latter for skiing).

I’ve been with Phoenix for just under 9 years having established our presence here in the southern hemisphere in 2011. Previous to Phoenix, I worked for DocsCorp establishing their offshore businesses and prior that the ANZ Bank and IBM. I’ve worked with Legal and Legal Operations Technology for nearly 15 years and been in technology and innovation for over 25 years.

Why Morae?

Morae are the experts and market leaders in Corporate Legal. Combined with Phoenix now the market leaders in content management in legal – as a professional in Legal technology and content management, where else would I want to be?

I believe real relationships are built on trust, transparency and providing thought leading insights that add real value that our customers need to keep them ahead of the game.