Simon Meiklejohn

Managing Director


[email protected]


I am the Managing Director for Legal Managed Solutions in APAC, and proudly one of the trailblazers of ALSPs/New Law in Australia before it was a ‘thing’ (during my time at Exigent for 10-years).

Fast forward to today – I work with organizations to find a better way of ‘doing things’ and helping solve challenges or architecting solutions that lead to better business performance.

Why Morae?

Morae’s global team of skilled people, technology expertise, and ‘innovative mantra’ enable me to translate our customer needs, and create solutions to suit specific situations.

I have a knack of listening to what organisations are wanting to achieve and what their challenges are, then figuring how to help them get the outcomes they want. It gives me great satisfaction when our customers are happy with the results 😊.