Morae’s e-discovery business has steadily grown both organically and strategically, including with acquisitions of Clutch Group in 2017 and Exigent Group in 2023. The Morae team stands as the longest running RelativityOne partner in the world, including over 20 years of experience working with complex data sets to derive actionable insights from client structured and unstructured data.

Clients around the world increasingly rely on Morae to help them meet their discovery obligations with the speed, precision and efficiency they require through Morae’s AI-driven workflows, industry-leading data insights and expertise, and our pricing guarantee.

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About eDiscovery AI

eDiscovery AI is redefining legal excellence by leading in a new era of discovery characterized by unmatched recall and precision. Our breakthrough technology enables modern legal teams to leverage AI for classifying unstructured data, transforming workflows, and maximizing efficiency.

Automated features like contextual document summaries, highly accurate privilege reviews, and sensitive PHI/PII scans are redefining the possibilities in eDiscovery. Key features such as contextual document summaries, highly accurate privilege reviews, sensitive PHI/PII scans, and sentiment analysis enable workflow optimization that elevates efficiency and redefines what’s possible in eDiscovery. With seamless integration with Relativity and other existing tools, modern legal teams can achieve the ideal balance between innovation, functionality, and ease of use. Backed by a team of seasoned eDiscovery veterans, eDiscovery AI not only delivers top-tier technology solutions but also provides expert guidance to ensure your success in navigating the evolving landscape of legal tech.

About Morae Global Corporation

Morae Global Corporation is trusted around the world for the delivery of digital and business solutions for a constantly changing legal industry. Founded in 2015, Morae has earned wide respect for the expertise and experience of our legal consulting, technology, and operations professionals, many of whom have in-house legal, law firm, or other relevant industry experience. We strive to make a difference every day for our law firm and legal department clients by collaborating closely with them to develop strategy, implement meaningful change, and achieve the business objectives they care about most. This includes offering clients the right people and technology they need to efficiently meet their contracts, discovery, information, and resourcing goals.