Compliance Operations

Morae’s credentialed and seasoned team are experts in operationalizing compliance and will work with your company to develop bespoke solutions.

Our approach makes compliance operational in your business in a way that’s effective and efficient for your culture. We have risk-specific playbooks and tools that we customize to fit into your culture and ways of working.

We implement policies, reporting structures, controls, communications, education, training, documentation and assessments. We execute your compliance program all the way down and across to the people in your organization who are required to make it work. Where needed, we embed our staff into your organization to help you run your compliance program. We do it all and bring it to life.


You can retain your focus on day-to-day business operations. Morae bridges legal requirements and business operations. We build your compliance bridge with a blend of skills and capabilities.

Compliance Operations Services

Compliance Operations Services

Morae’s compliance professionals have designed, implemented and staffed programs to address the most challenging compliance risk areas, from anticorruption to data privacy to competition law, among many others. We offer our clients a holistic suite of services spanning governance, policy development and control implementation as well as training and awareness and monitoring and reporting.

Compliance Staff Augmentation

Sometimes, our clients are just looking for an extra set of hands to help with a high-priority project or staffing crisis or to fill a position temporarily until a permanent resource is identified. We are a team of compliance professionals, so when you hire a member of our team to augment your compliance staff, you are bringing in someone who understands the challenges and is ready to go from day one. Our augmentation experiences are varied – from temporary CCO to compliance project manager to compliance training administrator to due diligence administrator.

Compliance Organizational Design

Our team has decades of experience helping companies with the organizational design of their compliance functions. That means they know how to create a function where none has existed, combine functions in a merger or right-size an existing organization to address today’s challenges. We combine our deep knowledge of best practices, experience with dozens of companies and benchmarks to design the most effective organization for your company.

Compliance Risk Assessment

Engage members of your department to quickly and efficiently prioritize the landscape of risks using our propriety tool. Use the results to inform ERM and integrate into your annual strategic plan to drive focus and progress on the issues facing your company. Manage your risk mitigation progress through our director-endorsed dashboard.

Compliance Organizational Review (Benchmarking And Program Review)

A thorough review of governance and compliance components ensures that your company is prepared to fulfill its ethical and legal obligations on behalf of its shareholders, employees and customers. Through interviews, surveys and a document review, we will assess the current state, compare to benchmarks, assess effectiveness and provide enhancement opportunities.


Regardless of how complex or detailed the compliance topic is, we know how to train your staff for maximum recall and effectiveness. That is because we make the training interesting and relevant in order to resonate with learners. Our methodology is engaging and interactive to keep participants involved in the learning process and lessons absorbed permanently.