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Morae and Dolcera Forge AI Technology Partnership to Revolutionize Legal Department Workflows

January 23, 2024



Morae Global Corporation (“Morae”), the global leader in digital and business solutions for a constantly changing legal industry, and Dolcera, a trailblazer in legal AI solutions, today announced the forging of a partnership to bring transformative efficiency gains across legal functions. The partnership combines Dolcera’s game-changing AI platform with Morae’s digital transformation expertise to assist in-house legal departments and law firms in harnessing the power of generative AI to increase efficiency and productivity, reduce cost and effort, supercharge workflows, and create innovative new ways of completing legal tasks and work.

The combined offering leverages advancements in generative AI to systematize and enhance repetitive legal tasks in ways not seen to date. Morae’s expertise in legal work both in-house and within law firms creates an ideal partner for Dolcera to envision and create innumerable use cases for our collective legal and compliance clients. The integration of Dolcera’s Legal AI Workflow Automation (LAWA) suite further enables reduced latency across legal workflows to drive high efficiency gains, including in the following areas:

  • Intellectual property
  • Contract management
  • Compliance and governance
  • E-discovery and document review
  • Spend management and invoice review
  • Legal operations
  • Information governance and records retention
  • Data remediation

While many are just talking about generative AI, we are helping our legal and compliance clients to imagine and then rapidly deliver on the technology’s impressive potential. We are expecting seismic change throughout the industry with current revenue models being flipped on their head. We think that by the end of 2024 or even sooner, GCs will be demanding their law firms utilize the technology for huge efficiency gains and cost reduction. For rapid GenAI outcomes, agility in approach and delivery is crucial.”

The number of potential use cases are innumerable and so platforms must enable speed and agility to provide the tools and capability needed to keep up with the innovation demand. This is precisely why we have incorporated Dolcera into our technology stack. Dolcera’s flexibility and our unique blend of legal industry knowledge, technology expertise and trusted subject matter advisors will help our clients realize dramatic productivity improvements, rapid development of data insights, and powerful legal risk controls that are just some of the achievable benefits.”

Robin Snasdell

Senior Managing Director and Strategy Consulting Lead at Morae

Our strategic partnership with Dolcera is not just about combining strengths—it is a commitment to delivering trusted, tangible outcomes and significant cost savings. It was imperative we offer a practical approach by utilizing a tried-and-tested enterprise AI platform to help our clients ideate, prototype, and refine their use case implementations rapidly. This approach gives clients an opportunity to see the outcome of use cases in real-time and then for us to gather feedback, incorporate and calibrate the model, and produce the desired outcomes.”

Murtuza Vohra

Managing Director at Morae

The partnership between Morae and Dolcera marks a significant milestone towards empowering legal professionals with the most innovative and secure AI-powered technology. By combining Dolcera’s advanced AI technology capabilities with Morae’s exceptional consultative and support services, we are confident that our clients – regardless of their location – will experience a transformative shift in their legal initiatives.”

Samir Raiyani

Chief Executive Officer at Dolcera

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About Dolcera

Dolcera is an industry-leading AI solutions provider transforming legal departments with intelligent automation. Its pioneering Legal AI Workflow Automation (LAWA) suite integrates advanced AI to streamline complex legal processes including contract review, compliance management, IP prosecution, litigation analytics, and beyond.

With over two decades of experience serving the legal sector, Dolcera’s secure and transparent platforms leverage innovations like natural language processing and machine learning to drive unprecedented efficiency gains. Its partnerships with leading consultancies like Morae enable frictionless change management for legal teams seeking to embrace legal AI.

Trusted by over 50 Fortune 500 companies and top global law firms, Dolcera’s mission is to equip legal professionals to work faster and smarter. Its AI solutions aim to slash operational costs while increasing quality, compliance, and insight. This empowers attorneys to focus on high-value tasks only humans can perform.

About Morae Global Corporation


Morae Global Corporation is trusted around the world for the delivery of digital and business solutions for a constantly changing legal industry. Founded in 2015, Morae has earned wide respect for the expertise and experience of our legal consulting, technology, and operations professionals, many of whom have in-house legal, law firm, or other relevant industry experience. We strive to make a difference every day for our law firm and legal department clients by collaborating closely with them to develop strategy, implement meaningful change, and achieve the business objectives they care about most. This includes offering clients the right people and technology they need to efficiently meet their contracts, discovery, information, and resourcing goals.