Morae Importer & Exporter

The stress-free solution to moving bulk emails or documents without impacting the rest of the business.

Are significant organizational changes requiring large-scale movement of documents or email between systems? Has moving or integrating volumes of content or data caused problems for users, either by slowing their systems down or disrupting their usual activities? Are new hires, leavers, mergers or acquisitions adding extra workload for your document management system specialists? Morae has the solution you need.

Our Solution – At a glance

  • Complex automated imports and exports are stress-free because even the most advanced or intricate rule sets can be fully supported.
  • Disruption free movement means users can continue to function as normal, completely unaware that large scale file processing is taking place.
  • Seamlessly integrates with iManage giving easy access and control via a simple web interface.
  • Complete control of exactly what and when imports occur, plus reassurance as current status reports, exceptions and potential issues are all highlighted.
  • Export full workspace structures from iManage Work including the profile data associated with each document.
  • Useful additional features such as the option to select/deselect documents, folders and workspaces; import from multiple sources including file shares, exchange public folder and PST files; and the ability to print the contents of a workspace in the order presented.


Why Importer & Exporter makes a difference

From mergers and acquisitions to lateral hires or leavers – there are numerous events that result in a requirement for large scale migration of data, files, documents and email from one system to another. The key to success is achieving this complex task accurately and without disturbing the delicate balance for your existing users as they conduct their day-to-day business.


Importer and Exporter are two distinctly separate products that allow firms to invest in a specific toolset to address a specific requirement. Both Importer and Exporter resolve common issues associated with migrating data files to or from iManage, making life a little easier when workspaces need to move.