Adding structure to data, using the right technology, pairing it with the best workflow & the right team allows you to find more of what you are looking for, with less risk, in less time at a lower cost.

Manage your risk, cost, and data across all phases of discovery

Evolving business regulation combined with an explosion in data has changed the complexion of discovery, and created enormous legal challenges. To continually make an impact, you need the ability to gather, translate, analyze and visualize data quickly – and get to the heart of the matter.

We provide the latest tools and processes such as search visualization, AI modeling, GenAI, concept clustering allowing us to limit the number of documents that require review and increase the speed at which those documents are reviewed.  This enables you with more time to analyze meaningful information and avoid review of irrelevant documents.

Deliver key benefits for document review

Tech independent, not tech agnostic

The right technology matters, but there is no one technology.  We offer a wide range of technologies and will consult with you to build the right process on your matter.

A global team to scale your capabilities on-demand

Whether selecting a geography for privacy, time zone efficiency, language, or cost control, we have experts across the globe.

Organic efficiency, not rate arbitrage

Reducing manual work, increasing speed, automating quality control, consistent monitoring & rigorous coaching drive efficient outcomes.

Improve cost predictability

We offer simplified pricing for our technology and guaranteed pricing for services.

Solution areas for discovery and litigation support

Data Solutions

Learn more about discovery data solutions and insights.

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Managed Review

Our operations and review centers match our multinational clients’ footprint; we’re global.

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Leverage our tech-enabled expertise

Our experts work with the industry’s leading technology partners to integrate seamless automation and new AI capabilities into your workflows.