Secure Remote Review

Qualified Reviewers and Project Managers

Secure, Virtual Desktop Enabled Solution

Document review, in the context of litigations and investigations, has traditionally taken place within secure review centers. COVID-19 compels us all to adapt to extraordinary circumstances.


To obey “social distancing” mandates and fulfill our corporate responsibility, Morae has deployed a Secure Remote Review solution for both law firms and corporations.


Under the direction of our COVID-19 Executive Committee, a working group has met daily to refine a remote service delivery solution that is founded on our existing business continuity plan, and informed by Morae’s On-Demand Resourcing (“ODR”) business – which for over a decade has provided legal, SME, consultants, and other resources to legal departments. More information on ODR is available here.


Morae’s Secure Remote Review Solution applies three essential components of our on-premise models:

(1) Security

(2) Resourcing

(3) Excellence in client service delivery


Security is paramount. Morae’s data environment is accessible via a secure tunnel with two factor authentication and we maintain control over access and functionality. Further, confidentiality agreements have been updated to specifically address remote review, and security training is mandatory.


With regard to resourcing, Morae has a roster of thousands of candidates, tracked by jurisdiction and various areas of expertise, who are being proactively on-boarded.


Our full-time project managers are committed to maintaining the premier client service delivery that has become synonymous with Morae. This includes a host of oversight and collaboration methodologies to ensure our demanding standards are met.

We are uniquely qualified:

Secure Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Morae offers clients an unparalleled level of security for remote review


10+ Years of Remote Review Hosting

Morae has been providing remote review as a solution for our clients for more than a decade.


Highly Experienced Review Managers

Licensed attorneys with extensive hands-on discovery experience who provide oversight and supervision of all remote resources ensuring delivery of desirable outcomes.

Secure, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Morae’s review team can access our ISO-certified cloud or on-premises environments exclusively via our Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI).


Within our VDI, Morae has complete control over who can access our systems and what they may do. As a default, the review team cannot save or download, copy or paste, or access any websites. Two factor authentication further guarantees review members’ identities.


Preferred team members selected for remote review are provided with NDA/Confidentiality Agreements, designed to address risks specific to remote projects. These points are emphasized in mandatory training.

Premier, Remote Review Delivery

Morae Project Managers leverage technology and subject matter expertise to identify critical facts quickly and cost-effectively.


We are also steadfast in our commitment to excellence. To ensure quality, our Secure Remote Review provides:

  • Accountable and dedicated project managers who apply a team approach to executing your case strategy
  • Well-established infrastructure and policies that promote remote project management
  • 24/7 Support Team trained in setting up systems,
    on-boarding team members, and troubleshooting
  • Regular team meetings with enhanced Question and Answer Log protocols
  • Standing daily calls with clients and their advisors
  • Comprehensive telemetry to measure and report on pace, accuracy, and system usage
  • Secure information sharing channels that promote team collaboration
  • Clear communication of expectations
  • Promotion of safe and healthy work environment best practices to review team members

The Morae Difference:

Security & Privacy Assurance
Our VDI architecture uses industry best-of-breed technology to access our secure environments.


Adherence to Data Sovereignty
We can host data in and out of the US, including in Europe and Asia.


Scalable Technology
Solutions that scale up or down at a moment’s notice. Start faster and work smarter at a lower cost.


Sensible Commercial Models
We are reasonable and flexible to accommodate your cost saving requirements.


Alignment to Corporate IT
Morae’s VDI environment puts Legal on-strategy with Corporate IT initiatives for secured data.


ISO-certified Processes
Morae’s VDI environment is ISO 27001 certified for robust information security.


Flexible Resourcing
Morae can provide the expert resources you need when and where you need them.